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Free Parking for Turo Hosts: Arslan Fleet's Collaboration with Park My Car Share


Hi, I'm Aaron Arslan, the proud owner of Arslan Fleet. Since our inception, we've been recognized as the fastest growing Turo fleet in Denver, CO, adding an impressive 50 cars in under a year. We're now leveraging our expertise in fleet growth and management to collaborate with other Turo hosts. Our comprehensive solution caters to individuals eager to dive into the Turo space, offering services that encompass sourcing, registering, listing, and full management of vehicles.

Recently, we've embarked on an exciting collaboration with Toby, the visionary owner of Park My Car Share which results in Turo hosts parking completely for free. In a revealing interview by The Financial Wolf, Toby offered valuable insights into how our collaborative efforts are reshaping the Turo hosting experience.

Introducing Park My Car Share

Before delving deeper into our collaboration, let's talk about Park My Car Share. They're not just any parking system; they're innovators reshaping how parking lots operate in harmony with the needs of car-sharing hosts. Beginning their journey with the Park DIA lot at Denver International Airport, Park My Car Share collaborates with existing parking lots, enhancing their infrastructure to better cater to the unique requirements of Turo hosts and other car-sharing services.

Their solution layers seamlessly over current parking lot infrastructures, transforming them into spaces that are more accommodating and efficient for car-sharing operations. This development is crucial, considering the challenges Turo hosts face. Traditionally, parking lots have been hesitant to welcome car-sharing hosts due to their additional needs, like frequent vehicle movements and cleaning requirements. Park My Car Share addresses these issues head-on, providing a much-needed solution that bridges the gap between traditional parking operations and the dynamic world of car sharing.

Through this collaboration, Park My Car Share is creating a more welcoming and functional environment for Turo hosts, ensuring that our vehicles have a secure and accessible home base. This partnership signifies a major step forward in making car sharing a more integrated and accepted part of the urban transportation landscape.

The Genesis of Collaboration

Our partnership with Park My Car Share originated from a strategic proposal I made, aiming to alleviate the parking cost burden from hosts by shifting it to customers. This innovative approach, warmly received by Toby, quickly became a cornerstone of the Park My Car Share platform, transforming it into a potential revenue stream for hosts.

Tailoring to Turo's Unique Demands

Toby has crafted Park My Car Share with an acute understanding of the distinct needs of Turo hosts. The platform is not just about parking; it's designed for efficient fleet management, accommodating the frequent vehicle movements, cleaning requirements, and unique traffic patterns inherent in Turo hosting.

Security and User Experience: A Forefront Concern

A highlight of our Park My Car Share's system is the integration of RFID technology for streamlined vehicle exits. Toby also emphasized the importance of vehicle security, recommending the use of remote lock, unlock, and killswitch devices. Here, a system like Fleetwire GPS stands out as an ideal choice, offering these features to enhance both safety and convenience for hosts and guests.

Future Forward: API Integration and Expansion

Our collaboration is set to deepen with plans to integrate APIs from Park My Car Share into our operational framework. This integration signifies an evolving partnership that combines parking know-how with the intricacies of Turo hosting. Toby's vision extends beyond Denver, aiming to replicate this successful model in other cities.

Our Comprehensive Solutions for Aspiring Turo Entrepreneurs

In addition to our collaboration with Park My Car Share, we at Arslan Fleet offer tailored solutions for individuals looking to enter the Turo market. Whether you're considering purchasing a car for Turo use or you already own a vehicle you wish to list, we have you covered. Our team of premier hosts is equipped to manage your vehicle, ensuring it's not just another car in a lot but a profitable asset in your financial portfolio.

We handle every aspect of the process — from acquiring and registering the vehicle to listing and managing it on Turo. Our expertise in fleet growth and management, honed through our rapid expansion, positions us uniquely to maximize the earning potential of your vehicle. By entrusting your car to our capable hands, you can enjoy the benefits of the Turo platform without the day-to-day hassles of management.


Our collaboration with Park My Car Share is just one piece of our broader strategy to revolutionize Turo hosting. With Arslan Fleet, you gain access to a suite of services designed to simplify your entry into the world of car sharing and maximize your returns. If you're ready to explore the possibilities with Turo and want a trusted partner to guide you every step of the way, visit our website to learn more about how we can work together. Join us, and let's drive forward into a future of successful Turo hosting.

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