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Welcome to the exhilarating world of hosting on Turo! Like many, I began my journey with a mix of excitement and ambition, and before I knew it, my passion led me to amass a fleet of 50 cars in Denver, CO. My hands-on experience has not only given me insights but also an eagerness to share the knowledge.

Becoming an All-Star host is more than just a title; it's a game-changer. This coveted status offers heightened visibility for your listings, privileged access to Turo's All-Star support, and a promise of increased earnings. If you're envisioning yourself as a standout on this competitive platform, trust me, it's not just a dream. Ready to rev up your Turo success? Lets dive into how you can become an All-Star host in record time:

Metrics You Need to Hit

1. Response Rate: Aim for 95% or Better This is actually much easier than it sounds. A high response rate signifies that you're attentive and responsive to your potential guests.

  • Secret Hack: Use the "Book Instantly" feature. By doing this, you're automatically responding to and accepting every trip.

2. Acceptance Rate: Strive for 90% or More

  • Concerned about an Auto-Accepted Trip? Don’t stress. If there's something about the automatically accepted trip that you're not keen on, just call Turo and let them know why you’re uncomfortable with the guest.

  • "Book Instantly" will also help in this category!

3. Commitment Rate: Maintain it at 95% or Better

  • Once you’ve accepted a trip, hold onto it. Avoid canceling it yourself. In situations where you absolutely need to cancel, always opt to call in and have Turo cancel for you.

  • It's crucial to adjust your availability and the advance notice to levels that are manageable for you.

  • Did You Know? Many hosts aren’t aware that they can set specific hours on Turo, ensuring they only get bookings when they're available.

4. Receive a 5-Star Rating on 90% of your Trips or More It’s quite simple:

  • Exude positivity and friendliness at all times. No negativity allowed!

  • Ensure that the car you provide is clean, maintained, and in top shape.

  • Have the car ready for your guest prior to their trip starting every time. Never leave your guest waiting on you!

5. Avoid any and all Policy Violations. Stay updated with Turo’s terms and conditions and make sure you're always on the right side of the rules.

6. Complete 10 or More Trips Aim to be proactive here. If the date of the quarterly reviews is around the corner, consider shortening your trip lengths. This will allow you to quickly complete those ten trips.

Mark these dates on your calendar: December 31st, March 31st, June 30th, and September 30th. These are your assessment dates. During these reviews, Turo will evaluate ALL the aforementioned metrics from the last 365 days. It's vital to ensure your metrics are on point during these periods.

What's Next?

Achieving All-Star host status is just the beginning. Once you've reached this milestone, it's time to aim higher. Your next target? Becoming a Power Host. Stay tuned, as we'll delve deep into this in a future video!

Remember, dedication and commitment are your keys to success. Here's to you becoming an All-Star host in record time!

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