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A Message from Aaron - Owner at Arslan Fleet

My whole life, I dreamed of being a business owner. Today, I'm living that dream. If you'd asked me just 3 years ago, I might have been uncertain about its form. Yet, here I am, at the helm of Arslan Fleet, a leading name in car rentals on Turo. With 50 vehicles under our banner in Denver, CO, we've proudly risen to be the highest revenue-earning fleet in the city.

While it's easy to be consumed by day-to-day operations, sometimes it's vital to pause, breathe, and appreciate the milestones we've achieved. As I reflect, I realize the journey, though exhilarating, often kept me from enjoying life's simpler moments. That's why, recently, I chose to be more hands-off with daily management, partnering with another fleet in Denver. This partnership not only enhanced our efficiency but also granted me the time to embark on my next, exciting chapter with Arslan Fleet.

Now, I'm dedicating myself to guide professionals eager to diversify their income. With our comprehensive model, we simplify the process of investing in rental vehicles:

1. Understand your goals with the investment.

2. Determine your desired market.

3. Aid in every step of the vehicle purchase.

4. Pair you with a Power-Host, ensuring your car is always on the move.

To everyone who's shown support and expressed interest, I extend my deepest gratitude. Your belief fuels my passion.

For those contemplating a hassle-free, passive Turo investment, get in touch! Also, if you know someone who might benefit from this, don't hesitate to share, it's a huge help 🙂

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