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Arslan Fleet and Fleetwire have partenered to create the Fleetwire GPS. This product is currently going through it's beta-testing phase and is set to be released to market by June 15th. For a limited time, we will be offering this product at a discounted price to our first 100 customers while we finalize the development of our backend systems. 


The Fleetwire GPS comes with four main functions:

  • Kill Switch - remotely kill the ignition on your vehicle with the tap of a button
  • Lock/Unlock - give guest access to lock and unlock the vehicle from their phone
  • Horn - Can't find the car? Sound the horn!
  • GPS Tracking - know the whereabouts of your vehicles in live-time


Users will also have the ability to grant guests access to their vehicles. Your guest will be able to remotely lock/unlock the vehicle with their phones. This gives our users the ability to leave the keys waiting for guests in their car. Guests will receive a link and retrive the keys from within the car, eliminating the need for a lockbox which puts a target on your back for theft. 


Fleetwire is known for their industry leading fleet management systems. Our Fleetwire GPS will integrate directly with their system making it even easier to automate all functions of your fleet. The Fleetwire GPS will seemlessly integrate with popular car-sharing service allowing you to temporarily provide lock/unlock and GPS access to your guests during their reservation.

Fleetwire GPS - Pre-Order

$199.99 Regular Price
$124.99Sale Price
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